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How can we use data to make tourist destinations more sustainable?
Mastercard launches a challenge to startups that are capable of providing solutions based on the data of the Global Tourism Sustainability Index to make tourist destinations more sustainable, from an economic, social and environmental point of view.

Social: how tourist spending influences the destination’s social inclusion (improvement of the quality of life in certain neighbourhoods, social rehabilitation, reduction of the gender gap in job opportunities, etc.). Create an inclusive tourism offer that allows reducing existing barriers for tourists with accessibility limitations.

Economic: constant analytical updating of data on tourism activity to increase information on the offer and be able to adapt to tourism demand in advance or in real time. Solutions that can identify market niches within the sector: specific proposals for bars, hotels, shops, or active tourism companies, etc.

Environmental: how to use data on the consumption of products or natural resources, transport or use of public spaces for optimal and sustainable management. Creation of a sustainable and responsible tourism experience.