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How can we track new trends in air tourism so as to help destinations in their decision-making?
ForwardKeys seeks to add its travel industry trend analysis and data sampling. The aim of this challenge is to offer tourist destinations different ways of forecasting and anticipating market changes.

ForwardKeys provides added value to tourism organizations, hotels and retailers interested in understanding patterns and behavior regarding the travelers.

ForwardKeys receives millions of airline tickets daily issued up to a few days before, and with flight dates in the near future. Any change in the dynamics of issuing these tickets has a potential impact on tourist destinations in the medium term. With algorithms that automatically and globally detect changes in the normal dynamics of the broadcast on a daily basis, ForwardKeys will be able to alert the destinations affected by these changes.

The way to generate these insights has to be adapted to the target user. From the specialized analyst who may need less interpretation to a business agent who requires more context in natural language.

The objective is to be able to implement an automatic alert service with natural language internally for its validation and afterward plan and execute a customer service strategy.

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